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Change is hard to over come.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Aug 2005|06:44pm]
im always such a good friend then everyone just treats me like shit
dont take kindness for weakness
i wont always be here to pick up your broken pieces
i dont forgive and forget
i dont ever forget
when you lose my trust your done
good bye

[02 Aug 2005|05:41am]
I L0ve em0 Kid5: ok so i wake up around 11.. jerk off... lol... my mom tells me to watch nicky for like an hour so then she can go get tony...mm... at like 1;30 yeah i know a really LONG hour... so i beep muffin and he says "im in ft. pierce" so i say fuck that... then i call mike and i say "hey do you wanna get something to eat.".. so we meet at friendlys i had a chicken strip basket and he had a cowboy burger lol we had fun talking and bullshiting... then i we go to walmart and pick out a hamper cause he couldnt tell the difference between the hampers and the trash cans... then i go home...
I L0ve em0 Kid5: jerk off... then beep chris and he had just eatin 16 pieces of pizza at cici's... then mike calls me and asks what im doing i say nothing and he says that he is at the jensen beach walmart so i go there and meet him... we are bullshiting talking trying on hats, sitting on chairs, playing with games lol... then we see gitto, dane, pat and dane's sister
I L0ve em0 Kid5: then after that me and mike.. ho wait mike and I walk past these like biker helmets and they have like this plastic stuff around them with a handle on the top but you can still try it on and i look up and he is wearing it It was the funniest thing in the world... then we leave walmart and met gitto at taco bell... eat tacos then chris and mac show up and we all talk and bullshit.. then as were going home they're like 5 really hot biker kids on like super bikes and i ref my engine to race lol they won and they were doing wheelys the whole time lol
I L0ve em0 Kid5: all in all best night ever i called you but no answer

[01 Aug 2005|04:19am]
tonight just = awesome
wow that kid i met at work is awesome
and so cute!!
well all n all this has been one crazy roller coaster summer
but i wouldnt trade it in for anything n the world
im kindof scared and excited to be a senior i finally get out of the mondane high school atmosphere but scared of what next?
well im going to bed see ya

[24 Jul 2005|05:47am]
i have gotten almost everyhing ive wanted this summer...
but why do i still feel sad and empty...
i have no clue what i want
>2 Faith|Hope

[20 Jul 2005|08:22pm]
yeah so im going shopping CRAZY!
but i am also thinking on how i want to do my hair
it sucks that my shopping buddy is grounded! ;-(

JESS!!!! we need to talk lol
seriously it happened again lol you know lol
but yeah also something else that i have heard that is a little disturbing

well ok see ya

i love you!
>1 Faith|Hope

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